In Recipe - North Shore Vodka
It’s Halloween, and we are embracing our scary side. We’ve been having fun crafting spooky and horrifically tasty cocktails. This drink showcases two mini recipes to illustrate the split personality of Jekyll and Hyde, then combined into one final cocktail.

The Jekyll is bright and fizzy with fresh lemon, but booze free. The Hyde is a boozy shot with a grape punch. Mixed together, they form one scary cocktail.

Jekyll & Hydejekyllhyde1

In Collins glass (Jekyll)
¾ oz Lemon Juice
Club Soda
Add lemon juice and syrup to Collins glass. Fill glass with ice. Add club soda to fill glass within a two inches from the top. Stir.
jekyllhyde2In shot glass (Hyde)
¼ oz Spiced Grape Syrup
Add vodka then add syrup. Do not stir.
Serve. Pour shot (Hyde) into Collins (Jekyll). Stir with straw to blend.