We were the first distillery in the entire country to have actually gotten all the way through the FDA’s registration process for making hand sanitizer. We completed the process ourselves, but it was cumbersome and very foreign – it took a substantial amount of time to figure out how to complete everything, especially the final step – the listing of the product.

In the interest of helping our fellow craft distillers and others in the industry make hand sanitizer and do this thing right (which means complying with the FDA’s guidance), we put together some tips based on our experience navigating the FDA’s website. Please do NOT ask us for help, we are slammed with filling orders for hand sanitizer and getting it to as many people as possible. And, please DO follow the safe harbor rules from the FDA if you are putting sanitizer out into the world, so we can actually do the good we intend to do.

Getting Registered

Here are the helpful tips for navigating the registration process.

Educating Users

When we tell people about this sanitizer, we take pains to stress that it is different from gel-based, and is best dispensed in a spray bottle or bottle with a limited pour spout size.

We also give them this document to help educate them about using alcohol-based sanitizer.

Please feel free to use any/all of these if they are helpful to you.