@ the Distillery


@ the Distillery
13990 Rockland Road, Green Oaks, IL


Feb 08 2020


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm



Class: History of the Cocktail

Join us and our friends at the Cook Public Library in Libertyville for an afternoon discussion of cocktail history!

From Colonial times, Americans have enjoyed their alcoholic beverages, and the cocktail is a uniquely American institution. Most of the tools, techniques and combinations used in classic cocktails were invented by American bartenders, who were celebrities in their day. That is, until we embarked on the “noble experiment” of Prohibition. We didn’t stop drinking, but Prohibition affected our drinking options and preferences massively. Cocktails have ebbed and flowed as part of our culture since then, and classic cocktails are extremely popular again. This presentation will cover the evolution of the cocktail from its beginnings, through its rough patches, to the the current cocktail renaissance.

Buy your ticket from us here for $25, or else register with the library online here.  The class will be held at the distillery in our tasting room.