In Gardening for Cocktails

Wow, has time flown by since my first post about the distillery garden. Here’s an update on how things are going:

  • Garden - July 14 2014Kentucky Colonel Mint – doing quite well – huge! It was attacked by leaf hoppers for a brief time, but they seem to be gone now (thankfully).
  • Honeydew Melon Sage –  also growing like crazy. Has interesting red blooms. The smell is best on the smaller, newer leaves – once they get to a certain size, it’s less aromatic. I am planning to cut this one down soon to get more of the younger leaves.
  • Cuban Oregano – this one is taking off now, so I can see what it does in cocktails! Taking some home to make a syrup this week.
  • Crimson King Basil – Doing well now that it is staying warm; I need to get a basil drink on the next menu.
  • Rosemary – this is not an upright version, it is a weeping/cascading version (?), it is going over the side of the barrel, which is fine, because it’s getting crowded out a bit!
  • Lime Basil – a late add from Liz’s garden, the tiny sprout is holding it’s own. I need to clear out some room so it can get more sunshine, and will do so this week for sure.

At my home garden, I am also growing:

  • PeasFernleaf Dill – is going crazy, and I need to make some pickles, some tzatziki and other stuff that uses dill – anyone got any great ideas?
  • Chives – returned from last year, and going gangbusters
  • Cucumbers – vines are growing, blossoms appearing – hopefully cucumbers soon!
  • Bell Peppers & Hot Peppers – we’ve picked a few peppers already, the plants are doing well so far – they are not big, but are productive
  • Tomatoes – three types, all have fruit and the heirloom one is going to be ready for picking this week – exciting!
  • Snow Peas – best crop I’ve ever had of these beauties – we’ve been enjoying them nearly ever day for a couple of weeks now! I am contemplating a cocktail with them, but am not quite sure what direction that will take (yet).

Flowers 2 July 2014Hummingbird Moth Watch 2014

The flowers out front are doing well, looking good for a return of the hummingbird moths – they appeared in early September last year, so we’re hoping we’ll see them again a bit later in the summer.