In Gardening for Cocktails

Distillery Garden May 21 2015It’s been a crazy couple of months here at the distillery, with some new projects in the works and some changes that took a lot of energy, and that kept me from planning out and planting our distillery garden for the year. Seeing as it’s practically June already, I figured I better get going on it.  I paid a visit to nearby Pasquesi Gardens, spent some time turning over my soil and preparing the pots, and then planted these out front:

  • Two Kinds of Basil
  • Two Kinds of Mint
    • Apple Mint – mentha suaveolens
    • Mojito Mint – mentha villosa, which I learned is a hybrid of regular mint (aka spearmint aka mentha spicata) and mentha suaveolens
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon Thyme
    Distillery Garden May 21 2015 pt2

    Apple Mint

I also planted some flowers in the barrels out front – I gave up on trying to court the hummingbird moths and picked out some different flowers this time. I am especially excited about the lobelia “Bella Donna” – it blooms a lot, has great color, and will look awesome with our blue and white umbrellas (I hope). At home, I also planted cucumbers, several types of tomatoes, and peppers, all of which will likely make it into cocktails at some point this summer.

Distillery Garden May 21 2015 Lobelia

Lobelia Bella Donna

Happy gardening and enjoy this beautiful springtime/early summer weather we’re having!