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This week’s cocktail is getting a little spicy – it’s a twist on the classic mule, with a vodka that’s new to our tasting room. We originally made B Original Vodka in collaboration with a great steak restaurant down in the city. Designed to pair with steak, this vodka is infused with white peppercorn and lemongrass, giving it subtle layers of citrus and spice. This drink plays up these spice flavors, mixing it with refreshing ginger beer and the smoky, savory elements of chipotle. Stop by the distillery this week to pick up our Chipotle Mule cocktail kit and make your own at home!

Chipotle Mule

1½ oz B Vodka
Half a Lime
3 drops Additions Chipotle Cocktail Spice
Ginger Beer (we use Fever Tree)

Squeeze half a lime into copper mug, then fill with ice. Add vodka & chipotle tincture, then top with ginger beer. Adjust tincture to taste & garnish with a lime wedge. Cheers!