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In addition to the limited release spirits I wrote about recently, we’ll have a few other things for sale at our garage sale tomorrow April 16 (from 12 to 9). If you want a preview of what we’ll be serving as well, the menus are below.

Here are a few other things we’ll be selling at the garage sale:

  • Black Leather Loveseat – This super comfy loveseat first appeared during Tasting Room 1.0, when our tasting room was half the size it is currently. It has been lightly used, and has been living in our office since we remodeled the tasting room. It’s in great shape, just a bit dusty – no major damage to report.
  • Curio Cabinet – just the cabinet, not the contents! We will have a totally different way to display our #1 bottles in our new home, so we are parting ways with this great cabinet. It is well-made, in very good shape, too. Got some collectibles to display? Maybe this is for you.
  • Sweatshirts & Tees – we’ll have a portion of what we offer on a super-duper sale – tees $8 (reg. $15), sweatshirts $15 (reg $30) – a great time to stock up or buy that gift you’ve been contemplating.
  • Goodbye Old Tom – we’re going to be closing out our Old Tom Gin ($12/bottle – what?!?), in anticipation of starting to sell a different recipe that we are making with a bar in Chicago. If you love the one we’ve been serving & selling for awhile, you should stop by on Saturday and get some!
  • Odds & Ends – we have some knick knacks, glassware, mixers, and a few other things we’ve found while packing stuff up. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day, so we’re setting up for an honest-to-goodness garage sale!


Curio Cabinet

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Here’s a preview of the tasting menu, and the cocktail menu, for Saturday:

Limited Release Menu - April 16 2016 - Cocktails Limited Release Menu - April 16 2016 - Tastings