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2020 American Malt Whiskey Release

This year marks the third year we’ve released our malt whiskey by the bottle. Of course, the way the dates fell, we released it on the final weekend we were allowed to be open before the shelter-in-place orders closed our tasting room for nearly three months. We surely nailed the timing on that one!

Since 2012, we’ve been serving our malt whiskey in our tasting room on just one weekend a year, the one closest to St. Patrick’s Day. Our malt whiskey is in the style of some of the finest small-batch Irish whiskeys we have had, so we thought it was a fitting time to share it with the world.

2020 Release
This year’s release is our favorite by far, by a long shot. It demonstrates more of the round, fruit accents we love in this style, as well as nuanced notes of heather and honey.

About the Whiskey
For this whiskey, we started with malted grain. We fermented the grain in-house, and then distilled through Ethel the Still. Then, we filled some full-size used bourbon barrels with it, and let them sit in our distillery on our house-made racking system. We moved them when we moved to our new location a few years ago, even.

Like last year, this particular whiskey has been made with a blend of our aged barrels – the youngest in the mix is 6 years old, and some of the whiskey is a bit older.

Tasting Notes
This whiskey even further demonstrates the style and flavor profile we’ve been seeking all these years – it has a rich, inviting nose of malt and fruit, with hints of heather, honey and spice. On the palate, it is delicious, smooth and nuanced, starting with a round fruit note note, leading to accents of honey and spice, and a round, soft finish.

We poured it for the first time on Friday, March 14, 2020. Stop by for a dram and see what we’ve made – Sláinte!

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