Chai Fizz

A few weeks ago, we featured the Dullahan’s Dream with a delicious chai syrup we’ve been using in the Tasting Room. Here’s another great drink for the season – it’s [...]

Sailor Mercury

This week’s drink is a variation on a classic formula for the Sidecar, as well as the White Lady. We love the savory depth our Aquavit  adds to this cocktail, and using our delightful Oaked [...]

Bishop’s Bounty

The ginger is a nice autumn surprise in this cocktail. It looks beautiful but it tastes even better! It’s a complex cocktail that pleases many palates and is a great addition to your [...]

Karin’s Gimlet

We had a Ginger Gimlet on our cocktail menu here at the distillery this summer, and one of our frequent visitors, named Karin, loved that cocktail. One time, she noticed we had some blueberries [...]