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As part of marking our 10th Anniversary, we are going to write about a few of the key people who helped us achieve this milestone. This is the first post, and intended to recognize and thank our biggest fans and supporters from the beginning – our parents. Without their encouragement and support, and also their volunteer labor on many occasions, we simply would not have made it to this point in our business. We are so grateful, and lucky, to have them in our lives and we wanted to take a moment to thank them publicly.

Sonja’s Parents – Earl & Marty

Sonja's parents at the 10th Anniversary party - October 2014

Sonja’s parents at the 10th Anniversary party – October 2014

In addition to ample moral support and encouragement, my parents came here many times during the early years, and even as recently as a couple of years ago, to help us out at busy times. They filled, labeled and numbered bottles, cut up cardboard dividers, made boxes, packed cases, cut up tons of fruit (remember that Alphonso Mango Gin we made?), helped clean up the place, and pretty much did whatever else we asked them to do. And, they drove here all the way from Denver to help us out when we needed it. Later, you will hear more about how we bake cookies for many of our customers each holiday season. My mom came here every year for many years to help with the baking, and both of my parents also delivered many of the cookies to our customers around the Chicago area. Most often, my dad was the chauffeur, and my mom would wear a Santa hat and go into to say hello at our customers across the Chicago area and deliver the cookies. Mom & Dad (Earl & Marty) – we simply cannot thank you enough.


Bottling #1Derek’s Dad – Harry

Harry has also provided ample moral support and encouragement, and has come here several times to help us from his home in Oregon. During our very first holiday season, Harry was here and was instrumental in helping us survive that season – we did not realize just how busy the last two months of the year are in the liquor business, and we really needed his help. Harry helped us fill bottles, prepare and fill boxes, pack cases, and helped with a wide range of other projects. In addition, he built the shelving that we have in the distillery, the custom cabinet we use to store archival bottles of every batch we have made, and a variety of other projects around here. Harry has a way with power tools, and we use all the things he built for us every day. Harry (Dad) – we simply cannot thank you enough either.

In future posts, we will highlight a few other folks who have helped us achieve our 10th Anniversary.