Vodkas with Flair

The world of vodka has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Go to any liquor store and you will find more vodkas than you ever thought possible. At the same time, most new vodkas make the same claims. These vodkas are in many respects the same, differentiating themselves with new bottle designs and elaborate marketing.

You might wonder why, then, we would make a vodka at North Shore Distillery? We are not marketing giants, and you won’t see our product advertised in magazines or on cable television. At the same time, we have a passion for making great spirits, and we knew we could make vodkas deserving of the North Shore name. As a result, we have two incredible vodkas you will truly enjoy:

  • North Shore Vodka - Our flagship vodka, clean crisp and smooth. A straight vodka of extraordinary balance and taste.
  • Sol Chamomile Citrus - Our newest creation, is a nuanced, smooth, versatile vodka with bright citrus notes and chamomile. We use actual fruit and spices to create Sol's delicious flavor - oranges, lemons, limes, chamomile and a few hand-selected spices - no lab-created flavorings here.

Try these vodkas and see how great vodka can be when a small artisanal distillery brings passion back into the world of spirits.

Other Vodkas

As we grow, we may offer more flavored vodkas. All will be worth the wait! To receive updates on new offerings, sign up for our newsletter or join the North Shore Distillers Club.