We’re getting ready for our Pumpkin Fest this weekend, and also Halloween, so we’ve cooked up a fun recipe combining the flavors of a Pina Colada with Pumpkin. We give you the [...]


This past weekend, we sampled some of our spirits, and served cocktails, at Chicago Gourmet in downtown Chicago. This annual celebration of great food & drink draws thousands to Millennium [...]


We’re having a brief return to summer weather here in Chicago this week, so we’ve decided to celebrate one more of our summer cocktails that will be leaving our menu this week. The [...]


Our beloved bartender Frank created this drink earlier this summer – it was actually his first official contribution to our menu, and it has been a huge hit around here! While we are saying [...]


Our drink of the week is actually leaving our menu after this week – it was one of the most popular during the spring, but it is time to say goodbye for now. Stop by for one this weekend [...]

Pear Rosemary Fizz

This week, we’re highlighting one of the drinks that’s especially fun to make on our current menu. That is, if you like playing with gadgets and layering flavors together! Many people [...]

Winter Sunset

This week’s cocktail is a seasonal variation on a classic White Lady. We’re swapping out the orange liqueur for a housemade spiced orange syrup, which infuses the cocktail with [...]