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Our Distillery Dog, Sunshine

Sunshine on a BoatIf you’ve ever visited us, you know we have a distillery dog, Sunshine. We adopted her from Save-A-Pet in Grayslake, where she spent nine years of her life. She had been brought in as a puppy, and had a bite on her record (the report was that she nipped a child who hit her with a stick). With her history,  and being a larger pit-mix dog who doesn’t really get along with other dogs, she stayed there. The staff knew she was special, and once we met her, we knew she was too. After a pretty stressful adoption process (they are very careful to ensure the animals do go to a safe and loving home), we brought Sunshine home four years ago this month. She brings a lot of joy (and humor) to our lives, and we are so lucky to have found her – she loves all our visitors and our employees, and is an integral part of our lives.

Our Charity Donation Program

One other thing you may not know about us, is that we receive 5-20 requests for donations and sponsorships each week from local (and national) organizations.  Most of them (but not all) are nonprofits, and most of those are doing very important work in our communities. As a member of our community, we think it is important to help when we can. In an effort to make our donations impactful, we select a theme each year and donate to worthy causes that fall within our theme for the year. Past themes have included the local arts community, education, and a common theme for us with the recent economy – those that help the neediest members of our community. This year, we have chosen local animal rescue organizations as our theme.  As a part of our commitment to this cause, we are collecting tips in our tasting room for Save-A-Pet and made several other donations to them and other organizations.  You can find our guidelines and donation request process here.

Meet Moonshine!14216487497_2038d389ea_m

Save-A-Pet participated in Just One Day this week. Just One Day is aimed at creating at least one day where no animals are killed in shelters in the US, and no-kill shelters around the country go to other shelters and rescue animals that are about to be put to sleep due to overcrowding, etc. Because of our support this year, Save-A-Pet gave us the opportunity to name of the new dogs or cats coming into their shelter as part of this program.

We chose the name “Moonshine,” and they sure did a great job picking him out! They rescued him from Chicago Animal Care & Control, which has a steady flood of incoming animals. He was part of a group of 25 animals that 14216515270_10aa116f0b_mSave-A-Pet rescued this week.

Moonshine is under a year old, and a super cute puppy. The folks at Save-A-Pet report that he was found “wandering the streets of Chicago, and has a heart of gold. He was nothing but puppy tail wags and kisses when we approached his kennel.”

While we aren’t able to adopt him, we hope he finds a great home very soon.  If you would like to inquire about adopting Moonshine, or any of the great dogs and cats at Save-A-Pet, we encourage you to go to their website and visit them.

Thanks to Avis, Bridget and the team at Save-A-Pet!