Try some Sol in your Cocktails!

Delightfully Different

Both unique and delicious, we create our newest product, Sol, through an infusion and distillation with hand-selected, fresh ingredients. More than just a “flavored vodka,” we use an array of fresh citrus fruits, chamomile and hand-prepared spices to create Sol's aroma and flavor. Sol shines with bright, authentic flavors and delicate complexity.

At first, you'll notice that Sol has a bright citrus aroma with hints of spice. Smooth, yet nuanced and balanced, Sol's flavors of orange, lemon, lime and chamomile tastes like no other spirit.

Try Sol on it's own, and then experiment with it. Depending on what you mingle it with, different flavors come to the forefront. In a Cosmopolitan, you will have bright citrus notes, along with hints of tea and spice that meld perfectly with the cranberry and orange flavors. In a Martini, you’ll find rich herb and spice notes first, with hints of citrus. Sol is also delicious simply with ice, cola or tonic. For many more recipe ideas, visit our Cocktail Repository.

Sol was introduced for the first time in 2011, so is one our newest spirits. In September 2012, we learned that Sol won the Cooking Light Magazine 2012 Taste Award, the only white spirit given this honor!


Sol is 40% Alc/Vol