firesidewebWe are thrilled to announce our 2015 limited release spirit, Fireside Orange! This amazing spirit is making its first appearance in December 2015. Read about it in the Chicago Tribune! Scroll down for a list of retailers who may have it available.

About Fireside Orange

Perfect for sipping by the fire, or as a nightcap on a cold winter’s night, Fireside Orange features an intriguing blend of oranges, linden flowers and warming spices. Much more than an ordinary orange liqueur, Fireside reveals new layers of flavor after every sip.

After experimenting with a wide range of fruits and botanicals, the final version incorporates three types of oranges, delicate herbs and warming spices. One of the most intriguing additions is linden flower, which adds delicate herbal notes to the spirit. Linden trees are beloved and revered in much of Europe, with many small towns and streets named for them. Linden trees are believed to have both medicinal and magical properties, and are prominent in German, Roman and Polish folklore. They are referred to as the “tree of love” in some cultures, and the shelter of a linden tree was a place for making peace and warding off evil spirits in others.

Only 1,200 bottles were made (some in an adorable 375 ml size, for the best stocking stuffer ever!), and when they’re gone, this spirit will be gone. The first bottles for sale started arriving in stores and bars the week of December 7, 2015. We’ll be out and about sharing samples as the winter progresses. And, bottles and tastes are also available at the distillery, of course.

Tasting Notes:

  • Delicious, aromatic and complex, with bright fresh orange, warming spices and herbal notes
  • Enjoy it by the fire, or after a brisk winter’s walk, or just because you feel like it – it’s very sippable

Drink Ideas:

  • Great neat in a snifter or rocks glass, or over ice
  • Or, find some great cocktails for it here – we are cocktail nerds, after all!

Finding Fireside Orange

Fireside Orange is pretty much extinct at this point. If you see it, you should definitely grab it/order it as soon as possible!


Fireside Orange is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)